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The right to a legal abortion, the prevalence of sexual and domestic abuse, employment discrimination, the need for child care and gay rights are splashed across today’s newspapers and websites almost daily. These are also the issues that capture... Read more >
According to the Associated Press, New York City apartment dwellers cite noise as the No. 1 quality of life complaint. Whether it’s barking dogs, energized children, deafening music, loud neighbors, apartment renovations, honking horns or garbage... Read more >
We’ve all read stories about animals who have displayed extraordinary loyalty to their human companions. Who can forget Tara, the California cat, who flew into our hearts last May by seemingly emerging from nowhere and saving a four-year old boy... Read more >
It’s that time of year when friends and relatives descend for the holidays—often bringing their tweens or teens. But where do you take them? Many have already been to the Met, the Statue of Liberty, and Top of the Rock. If so, you may need to pull... Read more >
A cashmere sweater, like a strand of genuine pearls, is a status symbol denoting taste, class and wealth. And with some prices dipping below $100 during holiday sales,  this coveted item has become an affordable luxury. But how can you find and... Read more >
Rose Levy Beranbaum, who might just be the greatest baker alive, has invited me to her Greenwich Village high-rise for a thrilling event. She’s testing a tweaked version of her legendary confection, Mahogany Buttercrunch Toffee. The... Read more >
Remember when there were only three brands of jeans? And finding the right fit meant washing them until they shrank so tight you might as well have been naked? Or dry cleaning them for fear that washing would shrink them? Now, there are dozens of... Read more >
Being well-heeled is always a plus. And this season it’s a requirement. After years of trying to wear boots with needle-thin heels on icy streets, Prada and Gucci are creating boots with lower, chunkier heels. Whether you’re looking for an ankle... Read more >
Treat your guests as though they were gods, and wonders will happen. January is all about divine hospitality—giving it, rewarding it. After all, this bleakest month was named for Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings and endings, and it was... Read more >
My table was set, the living room rug was vacuumed and furniture polished. In other words, I was ready for my holiday party. But there was one detail I hadn’t anticipated: my cat, Ike. Usually he was well-behaved and eager to make friends with... Read more >
According to a recent survey conducted by MetLife, more than 34 million adults age 50+ in the U.S. want to start their own businesses and have outpaced younger people in doing so. “A desire to be your own boss at this stage of life and create a... Read more >