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The bounty of shops in New York City include chains and independent artisanal chocolatiers ranging from Godiva, Lindt, and Jacques Torres to Li-Lac, Xocolatti and La Maison Du Chocolat. And many of the city’s shops and factories are now offering... Read more >
This past fall I attended a one-night showcase of Red Flags, a chilling and true drama performed at the Abingdon Theatre Complex about a married woman who discovers that she’s in an abusive relationship. I am still haunted by the riveting story and... Read more >
During a stay in London back in the early 1970s, I took an innocent side-trip to Leeds to visit my dressmaker friend Anne, who shared my passion for fashion. Already on day one, we went shopping—at a church bazaar. And there on a long table... Read more >
According to a recent CBS News segment, new research shows that practicing yoga regularly may lower your blood pressure, your heart rate, your stress levels, your B.M.I. (body mass index) and your LDL (bad cholesterol). Add these benefits to those... Read more >
Matters of the heart can become more coronary than romantic as we age, even as our pursuit for good health and love continues. No one knows this better than Martha Weinman Lear (photo above), a former writer and editor for The New York Times... Read more >
Give The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50—a new book by sex guru Joan Price—as a Valentine to everyone you love. And then buy another dozen copies and give them to the people who annoy you, like the crab cake from 17G who pulls other people’s wash out... Read more >
In my circle of friends, practically everyone—including me—has fallen recently. One friend hit the floor when the chair she was standing on to reach a high cabinet tipped over. One tripped over a small rug in her apartment. One tumbled downstairs... Read more >
Only after moving to the Upper East Side did I realize that nail salons in Manhattan were more ubiquitous than Starbucks coffee shops. As I walked the six blocks to order a grande latte, I spotted about a half-dozen salons where I could get my nails... Read more >
What makes a penis lose its pizzazz somewhere north of 55? Are reliable erections the province of youth only? Can medicine or mojo fix an otherwise healthy man’s broken hydraulics? And how can you, a woman with a healthy libido, help your man... Read more >
Remember when there were only three brands of jeans? And finding the right fit meant washing them until they shrank so tight you might as well have been naked? Or dry cleaning them for fear that washing would shrink them? Now, there are dozens of... Read more >
If you’re not the powerhouse you were in your cheerleading days, here’s why: Women begin losing muscle mass slowly at 30 and, after 50, the decline starts to accelerate. A sedentary lifestyle is also a contributing factor—a double whammy for... Read more >