Help! We’re running out of funds.

A bit more is needed to keep us online and in action for the year ahead


In operation since 2010, NYCitywoman is a feisty, opinionated, multifarious website—not just for women and not just about New York (though that’s where we’re based). We publish painstakingly researched fact and feature articles and riveting think pieces—paywall-free—in an otherwise fractured news environment. Our audience is readers over age 50, who grew up with the kind of probing, long-form writing that’s largely disappeared online. Because we’ve got printer’s ink in our DNA, we keep forgetting this site isn’t a newspaper or magazine. And as it happens, all of us have spent the better part of our careers in print journalism—writing for and editing at such publications as The New York Times and New York magazine. Sure, there are other websites directed at older women, but none features the kind of freewheeling, offbeat voices that ours does. Ours is a labor of love.

In that spirit, we send our sincerest thanks to all of you who contributed to our upkeep last year. It’s because of you that we’ve remained viable and online.

And thanks in advance from the bottom of our collective heart for your kind contributions to keep us alive and thriving for the coming year. We are deeply grateful.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The best dressmakers in town. Because who wants to look like everyone else?
Confessions of a promiscuous gardener. Particularly regarding roses and their innate savagery, plus asides about gardens as sites of love and desire.
Restoring Roe. A dozen-plus ways to restore abortion rights for women, countrywide.
Pickleball! Low impact on joints!
Subversive needlework. Stitching together absurd quotes from Trump speeches.
Partial knee replacement. Performed arthroscopically, with a robot’s assistance. Recovery involved hiking poles and a compression stocking.
Testosterone implants for women. For spiffing up every cell in your body. It’s not just a male hormone. Women in their prime produce ten times more testosterone than estrogen.
Manhattan’s savviest knitting shops. Clubby urban stress relievers, one stitch at a time.

Outdoor dining sheds. Should they continue? Weighing in on the lure of Paris on the Hudson, the vermin, the plastic sheeting walls, and the skeletal remains of neglected sheds.
Deafening NY street noises. They’re getting worse. An anti-loud-noise activist’s take on this city’s earsplitting decibel levels and the lack of decorum or respect. Plus, a checklist on combating the babel and blare.
Manhattan’s bike-riding culture. Transportation for those who want to avoid traffic jams and have a need to live dangerously, sharing those narrow cycling paths with speed-demon Grubhub guys.
Career change—at age 80. As Serena Williams put it, “I don’t like the word ‘retirement.’ It doesn’t feel like a modern word to me.” We agree. We’ve already posted on this subject. But we’re hardly finished covering it. Next, we’ll do a Q&A with a concert harpsichordist who morphed, in her sixties, into a bakery owner.
Shake Shack, a New York institution. Are the burgers really that good? We’re partial to the hotdogs.

P.S. We welcome your feedback and new article ideas!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

We lost our co-founder, publisher, and founding editor, Barbara Lovenheim, when she retired in 2019. Since then, to keep the website active, our writers, editor, and art director have been volunteering our time, working gratis, publishing a wide array of articles. Why? We love this website.

We have routine operation-running bills to pay. These are our expenses, most of them coming due very soon:

1. Web hosting, internet domain, software updates, data storage, and personal assistance by GoDaddy, Inc. $500.

2. Security package. This keeps our readers and their data protected with a SSL certificate and removes the “Not Secure” warning from browsers like Google. Security also covers our firewall, data backup, and technical support. $475.

3. Publishing our monthly-or-so e-newsletter with MailChimp ($660.), and fundraising fees ($65.). $725.

Total: $1,700. This figure will keep us online for another year, starting in September 2022.

And the above numbers don’t even include resuming payments for our hardworking writers and editors. Our immediate aim is to keep NYCitywoman up and running this coming year!

So if you’re attuned to this oddball website and you want to continue reading probing, often unorthodox, witty, and heartfelt articles written by and for women 50+, as well as a few carefully chosen men, please make a one-time donation to help our website through the next year. It starts with a click, just below. We would really appreciate your support.

Love and best wishes,
The NYCitywoman Team

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