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Calm Better Days Ahead: Amy Chin’s CBD Venture

CBD, a trendy wellness elixir found in juice and moisturizer and ice cream, and dog treats.


Amy Chin of Calm Better Days. Photo by Tiffany Hagler-Geard.


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The New York Times terms it “a trendy wellness elixir found in juice and moisturizer and ice cream and dog treats.” Neighborhood bodegas are now selling it. You may have friends who rave about the way it relieves muscle aches. The it is CBD, short for cannabidiol—a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant that has a wide range of health-giving benefits. Since last year, CBD in skin creams, balms, oils, capsules, gummies, and tinctures have become widely—and legally—available in New York, offering diverse non-prescription, plant-based benefits that are gentler than pharmaceuticals, with few side effects.

CBD is used as a sleep aid; it relieves dry skin and helps with chronic pain. It’s a stress, trauma, and inflammation reducer. There is growing evidence that it’s useful in treating rheumatoid arthritis, antibiotic-resistant infections, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and some cardiovascular diseases. And it helps with weight loss too.

“But not all CBD products are created equal. How they’re administered makes all the difference. And as a result, too many people claim CBD doesn’t work.” So says Amy Chin, the New Yorker who runs Calm Better Days, a CBD boutique that also provides educational services to those who are just now being introduced to this multi-faceted phytochemical. “When people understand the CBD basics, they can maximize their results.”

A wife and mother of two who’d been struggling with anxiety and depression, Amy started seeing a therapist in 2016 who recommended CBD for calming her jagged nerves. She tried it, in under-the-tongue extract form, and quickly—within an hour—she felt balanced, optimistic, and positively energized.

Highly impressed, Amy made a study of CBD in retail products, attended seminars, panels, and workshops, and early in 2020 introduced Calm Better Days to at-home gatherings of interested women, where she relayed what she had learned. She also recommended and sold specific products for specific conditions.

And then Covid-19 hit. Amy’s CBD get-togethers quickly became phone and videoconference one-on-ones, which can be booked (gratis) by appointment at calmbetterdays.co. Once clients connect with her, they tell her their concerns, she gives a rundown of various remedies, and recommends specific CBD products.

Unlike many other specialists, who dispense single brands, Amy has curated a wide range of organic, top-quality toxin-, fungicide-, and pesticide-free products, all from small, carefully maintained farms in the U.S.

Here are some Calm Better Days favorites that are likely to interest NYCitywoman readers. She notes that you should always consult a physician before trying CBD, as it can interact with some medications.

Tonic Vibes Chronic, a skin oil, gets applied directly to areas of pain and inflammation. Its ingredients are 99 percent pure CBD combined with coconut-derived oil and therapeutic-grade rosemary, juniper, chamomile, thyme and other essential oils. Give it ten minutes, and it will be effective at alleviating migraines when rubbed onto the temples, according to Amy. Many swear by this oil and re-order it on a regular basis.

CBD+Nature Radiant Face is a state of the art complexion oil that helps heal broken capillaries and speeds cell renewal—ideal for mature complexions.

Empower Soaking Salts offers full-immersion therapy that relaxes muscles, smooths the skin, and is a prelude to a good night’s sleep. Blended with CBD are Lavender, Bergamot, and Wintergreen essential oils that provide uplifting and relaxing aromatherapy.

Wildflower Cool Stick with CBD, a customer favorite, takes about 15 minutes to kick in, providing long-lasting muscle, joint, and back pain relief.

WYLD CBD Gummies, formulated with all-natural fruit juices—your choice of blackberry, huckleberry, lemon, or raspberry—and only two grams of sugar, are an ideal way for keeping the mind clear and focused, especially for those who are on the go. They pop into the mouth—no water needed.

Lucent Botanicals Focus CBD Mints take fifteen to twenty minutes to go to work, targeting mental fog, as well as anxiety.

East Fork Water Soluble CBD Drops are routine add-ins at Oregon’s tea and coffee cafes and brewpubs. Their benefits? Focus and relaxation. Amy points out that since they’re water-soluble, they’re more absorbent than CBD oils. She starts her day with them.

Wildflower Dreams CBD Vaporizer is a sleep aid inhalant containing CBD and fragrant citrussy bergamot. Because it’s inhaled, it has a quicker onset than some other products to ensure you get to dreamland in no time.

Luce Farm Hemp Extract with Peppermint, with a calibrated dropper, is placed under the tongue for quick absorption. Amy recommends it as a nightly sleep aid for those who do not feel comfortable using a vaporizer.

Last but not least, Amy doesn’t forget pets. She also sells Tonic Vibes Zen Dog, a kibble that helps calm anxiety and eases pain in dogs and cats too.

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Calm Better Days, founded by Amy Chin, brings CBD Wellness and Education through personal events, group and individual consultations, and pop-ups (CBD “Tupperware” parties). Amy advises on how to incorporate CBD into your daily regimen and lifestyle—from how to take it, what to take it for, different kinds of CBD, activation times, and what to look out for when purchasing. Learn, sample, and shop her highly curated brands from small farms, producing sustainable, and organically crafted CBD.

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