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In nonstop operation since 2010, NYCitywoman lost its co-founder, publisher, and founding editor, Barbara Lovenheim, when she retired in 2019. Since then, to keep the website active, our writers, editor, and art director have been volunteering our time, working gratis, publishing a wide array of articles.

They’ve included incisive, take-no-prisoners views of:
Covid’s impact on New Yorkers
The future of Symphony Hall
The best dressmakers in town
The best facials in town
Older women and younger men
Testosterone implants for women
The city’s best knitting shops
Going grey in style
Revoking retirement

We even ran a feisty, rollicking piece on subversive needlework.

Coming up, our articles will include a former magazine editor-in-chief’s candid account of daring to leave Manhattan with her husband, to try out independent living in Riverdale, which, (thankfully) is within the city limits. In fact it’s just a short subway ride away, because honestly, who in their right mind wants to give up access to our splendiferous city, which is beautifully roaring back to post-pandemic life? That’s the point of view we bring to our feisty, made-in-NYC website.

Now we are searching for funding as we face the following expenses coming due at the end of August:

1. Web hosting, internet domain, software updates, data storage, and personal assistance by GoDaddy, Inc. $350.

2. Security package. Keeps our readers and their data protected with a SSL certificate and removes the “Not Secure” warning from browsers like Google. Security also covers our firewall, data backup, and technical support. $450.

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The grand total: $1,300. This figure will keep us online for another year, starting in September 2021.

So if you love this offbeat website as much as we do, and you want to continue reading probing, opinionated, often unorthodox, and heartfelt articles written by and for women 50+, please make a one-time donation to help our website through the next year. (Sure, there are other older women’s websites, but none oozes charm and charisma the way ours does.) We would really appreciate your support.

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