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About Us

NYCitywoman.com is directed at intelligent, thoughtful women—and their intelligent, thoughtful friends of whatever gender—who make their home in New York City. (Or wish they did—and who can blame them?) Our editors and writers came of age during a Midcentury filled with creativity, positivity, and determination. What’s more, as veterans of the New York Times and New York magazine, among other publications, we retain a passion for print and long-form journalism. Think of us as holdovers from the not-too-distant past who publish probing articles that appeal not only to our peers, but to younger readers seeking a smart alternative to social media and 30-second videos. Think of us as a refuge from those venues and as feisty, not-so-quaint holdovers from the past with a handle on the future.

We do original, non-fluff theater, film, book, music, and photography reviews. We explore careers, health, politics, city living, fashion, beauty, travel, food—just to name a few. We’ve run a piece about local rooftops, and one about animal shelters. We’ve looked into career reinventions and the pros and cons of second floor apartments. We’ve covered retirement, but actually we’re more focused on rebooting because we’re intent on living to well over 100.

Linda Dyett, Editor-in-Chief
Susan Huyser, Co-founder and Art Director