Fashion Forecast: Fall Trends

Fall fashion trends include English tweed, moody florals, and anything that smacks of a military uniform. Here are some suggestions on tweaking the trends for NYCitywoman’s savvy fashionistas.

By Stacia Friedman


Designers constantly re-cycle styles you wore decades ago. This fall is no different. Shoulder pads, pussy cat bows, fringe? Good riddance. But along with blasts from the past come some fresh ideas to incorporate into your fall wardrobe. We’ve complied the latest trends with tips on how to weed out the winners from the losers.


The power suit from Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy; A romantic 70s, Cacharel-look from Celine.
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The Power Suit
The pointed, padded shoulders of the new Power Suit look like a reboot of the ones you wore in the 1980s. Another version takes the over-sized Boyfriend jacket beyond reason with sleeves longer than your fingertips and pantlegs that guarantee tripping. To both these looks, we say “Pass!”

Stick to more natural shoulders, jackets that nip the waist, with sleeve and pant leg lengths that flatter your figure.

Back to the 70s
Several designers are harkening back to the 1970s. Not the 70s of Woodstock, but of Cacharel with romantic floppy bow-tie blouses and flowy pleated midi skirts. It’s a classic look that almost anyone can wear—then, now and tomorrow. To avoid looking like a French schoolgirl, choose subtle earth tones and make sure your skirts hit mid-calf. We think a jaunty neck scarf looks more sophisticated than a pussycat bow blouse. When it’s cool outside, wear this look with leather boots.


Plaid, tweed coat with cape from Etro, moody floral print puffer coat by Dries Van Noten, khaki boiler suit by Stella McCartney.
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English Tweed
Sherlock Holmes seems to be the design source for tweed coats and suits with capes. Very British without being stuffy. Look for leather trim, long fringe, over-sized plaids and cinched waists.

Florals in fall? Well, yes, if they dark silky or chiffon prints blooming on dresses, blouses and even puffy maxi coats. If you are petite, avoid over-size florals that will overwhelm you. Plus-size gals want to pull eyes up by wearing floral blouses with dark skirts or pants.

Drum roll please for epaulettes, camouflage prints and anything that smacks of a military uniform. We like it in small touches, but avoid a head-to-toe costume that will cause you to be mistaken for a member of the Salvation Army or a doorman. Who can forget Kellyanne Conway’s red, white and blue ensemble at the last Inauguration which called to mind a toy soldier?


Faux fur from Versace, metallic-look dress by Burberry, and lace dress from Saint Laurent.
. . . . . . . . . . . .

Animal Prints
If you gave your leopard print jacket or raincoat to your granddaughter, it’s time to take it back. Big cats are prowling the fashion runways with a vengeance in vinyl, faux fur, silk, you name it. Again, we say, “Easy does it.” Pop an animal print jacket or coat over a black turtleneck and pants. Or wear a frankly fake animal print hat or scarf with a solid-colored ensemble. Just don’t go Cat Woman from head to toe.

Heavy Metal
All that glitters this season is gold. Unless it’s copper, silver or platinum. Not so much sequins as metallic fabrics that shimmer, shine and glow in the dark. These are the show-stopper couture blouses and dresses you can expect to find at all price points by the holidays.

Does black lace ever go out of style? We doubt it. Especially if worn with flesh toned undergarments. We like it in small quantities. What’s sexier than a black lace top worn under a tailored suit? Or with jeans and a leather jacket. You get the idea.

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Stacia Friedman is an award-winning freelance journalist who writes for regional and national publications.

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